Our West Coast Fishery needs your support:

The Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance is asking for support from Corporations that benefit from a healthy West Coast fishery. The social and economic values are significant and deserve to be acknowledged and fought for. FRSA is dedicated to the effort of protecting the heritage and traditional fisheries. Time is critical, therefore drastic measures are necessary before it is too late and recovery will only be wishful thinking.

The Fraser River Sport Fishing Alliance was established in 2016. We are asking for your support:

Our Mandate:

  1. To preserve and entrench the Public Fishing heritage in British Columbia for future generations.
  2. To demand that our elected officials manage our BC Salmon fishery equitably for all sectors.
  3. To demand that the social and economic value of the Fraser River Salmon Fishery be recognized, represented, and supported.
  4. Ensure the public fishery allocation of Salmon stocks are not allocated to other user groups.
  5. To continue to respect the constitutional rights of First Nations for food and ceremonial access to the resource.
  6. To work together in co-operations with organizations and sectors to protect the fisheries for all British Columbians.
  7. To work with government and First Nations to ensure conservation is the number 1 priority.
  8. Provide a collective voice for all Canadian citizens concerned about the future of our Public fishery in building a strategic recovery plan.
  9. To work within the recreational community towards selective fisheries and respect for or all user groups.
  10. To demand that DFO manage the BC fisheries responsibly, providing the required necessary resources to protect fish with enforcement keeping users within the law.

FRSA is dedicated to sustainable fisheries for the future.

FRSA promotes:

  • Conservation
  • Lobbying Government officials
  • Legal counsel
  • Entrenching our presence and establishing a greater voice
  • Preservation of this priceless heritage for our children and grandchildren by working together.

FRSA has created an umbrella organization that represents:

  • individuals in the public fishery
  • the guided fishing industry
  • retailer operators, agencies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors in the fishing and boating industry
  • lodging operators
  • fish and game clubs
  • all the major organizations membership of anglers and outdoorsmen in the province of BC.

FRSA is dedicated to protecting the west coast fishery and the opportunities that it provides to the taxpayers in the province of BC.

FRSA is reaching out to all British Columbians in an effort to bring everyone together to address the serious issues that are impacting the traditional fisheries and heritage that is being lost.

FRSA is dedicated to assist in developing a strategic recovery plan with all parties. This includes DFO managers, political leaders and all organizations that have an invested interest in protecting our fisheries for the future in a collective and forward-thinking plan.

FRSA will not stand down and witness the continuing decline of opportunity due to serious conservation concerns that are increasing each year due to government’s inability to address the root problems with a recovery plan the is long overdue and sustainable.

FRSA supports conservation as the first priority. Selective fishing during times of abundance will be the mandate for opportunities moving forward.

How can you help:

  • Corporate/ Partnership membership.
  • Cash donations are very important to FRSA. Options to support include any products, guided trips and or lodging as contra valued at full retail consideration. Corporate memberships are listed on FRSA web site with a high recognition of their commitment and support.

Initial Contribution levels:

Bronze $500 – Silver 1000 – Gold 2500 – Platinum 5000 – Platinum+ 10000

FRSA is asking for a 5 year commitment in order to secure funding for the programs listed below.

Donations for specific programs are being developed.

  • Round table
  • Legal fund
  • Recovery plan
  • Conservation fund:
  • Data collection, Creels and support.

Please join us today in the fight to save our fishery for the future.

FRSA Director
Chair of Fund-raising committee
Fred Helmer

FRSA – “Sustainable Fisheries for the Future…”