The mandate of the Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance is to entrench and preserve the Fraser River recreational salmon fishery for future generations. This heritage fishery helped to develop the passion for fishing, with many learning as a child to cast a worm on the banks of the Fraser River.


  • To preserve and entrench the Fraser River Recreational fishery heritage for future generations
  • To demand of our elected officials that the Fraser River fishery is managed equitably for all sectors
  • To demand that the social and economic value of the Fraser River recreational fishery be recognized
  • To ensure that our negotiated allocation of Fraser River salmon stocks not be allocated to other user groups
  • To continue to respect the constitutional rights of First Nations for food and ceremonial access to the resource
  • To work with other like minded organizations and sectors toward preserving the Fraser River fishery
  • To work with government and First Nations to ensure conservation is the number one priority
  • To provide a collective voice for all Canadian citizens concerned about the future of Fraser River sport fishing
  • To work within the recreational community toward selective fisheries and respect for other user groups
  • To demand that the DFO manage the resource responsibly and provide the required enforcement to ensure that all user groups obey the laws

We respect conservation and we respect the constitutional priorities of First Nations.

We will work with other sectors in preserving fish stocks and expanding opportunities.

We will work with other groups in providing safe respectful fisheries on the Fraser River and tributaries.

We will work with all government fish managers toward preserving fish stocks and retaining angler opportunities.

We will demand that our rights as Canadian citizens are recognized.

If we fail to act now, we could lose our fishery forever