B.C. Transportation Minister Trevena – from Mark Angelo and Aaron Hill – November, 2018
“We are contacting you on behalf of a large number of recreational anglers and several fish conservation advocacy groups… to explore what steps we might undertake to name the Highway 1 bridge crossing the Thompson River near the community of Spences Bridge “Steelhead Memorial Bridge”. This would be in remembrance of a once internationally renowned steelhead resource now subjected to the contorted process of being formally listed under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA)….”

Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister (DFO) – reply to FRSA – October 9, 2018
“As you are aware, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is responsible for enforcing the Fisheries Act and regulations, as well as other natural resource legislation. Enforcement activities in the approaches to the Fraser and on the Fraser River are ongoing…”

FRS Alliance – to Colin Schwindt, FLNRORD – July 31, 2018
“The FRSA is supportive of measures required to protect all fish species including sturgeon. We view closures as an absolute last resort and if instituted must apply to all sectors…”

FRS Alliance – to Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Fisheries + Oceans Canada (DFO) – July 23, 2018
“Congratulations on your new appointment as Minister. As a west coast MP we know you will be well briefed on issues of particular concern to B.C. residents. ..”

Reply to FRS Alliance – Jennifer Nener (Director, Salmon Management and Client Service, Pacific Region) – Aug.18, 2017
“Thank you for your August 9, 2017, correspondence to Rebecca Reid, Regional Director
General, regarding Fraser River recreational chinook fisheries and your follow-up
messages of August 15. I have been asked to respond…”

Alyssa Cowles (FVSS) – to Rebecca Reid, Fisheries + Oceans Canada (DFO)
“My name is Alyssa Cowles and I am a recreational angler living in the heart of the Fraser Valley. I have also recently been nominated as a director of the Fraser Valley Salmon Society. I am honored to be apart of this motivating group to help protect our fisheries…”

FRS Alliance – to Rebecca Reid, Fisheries + Oceans Canada (DFO) – Aug. 9, 2017
“Considering the significant number of First Nations chinook openings & allowed retention of sockeye by catch it would appear that conservation concerns for chinook have diminished thus allowing for a recreational chinook fishery on the Fraser. Our recreational…”

Tony Nootebos (BC Sportfishing Group) – to DFO
“It was a pleasure meeting you a few weeks ago while you visited British Columbia and the Fraser River with Canada’s Man In Motion, Rick Hansen. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you during your tour of our Heritage River. I am writing to you regarding the critical state…”

Reply to FRS Alliance – Bonny Antcliffe (DFO Regional Director General – Pacific Region)

FRS Alliance – to Fisheries + Oceans Canada (DFO)
“The Fraser River Recreational angling community has united under the banner of the “Fraser River Sport
Fishing Alliance” (FRSA). We believe this newly created alliance is truly representative of all aspects of the
angling community. It is our intent to work with the Sport Fish Advisory Board and other sectors…”