Sports Anglers protest sockeye fishery crackdown (video) (Sept.2, Global News) ?

Demonstration fishery Saturday near Chilliwack to demand Fraser River opening (Aug.30, Chilliwack Progress) ?

For immediate release:

The Fraser River Sport Fishing Alliance will be conducting a Demonstration fishery Saturday Sept 2nd which is intended to demonstrate the selectivity of our bar fishery and the virtual zero impact on sockeye stocks. Anglers who wish to participate are asked to be at Island 22 launch site in Chilliwack at 8:30 AM. This will be a bar fishery only and other angling methods will not be permitted….

September 13 – Statement:

The FRSA is pleased that DFO has finally accepted that recreational anglers should be allowed to fish for salmon on the Fraser River. We suggest our intensive lobbying including individual meetings with both Liberal & Conservative MP’s has played a very significant role in getting the river open. The support of other organizations & individuals has also been a major factor…
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September 2 – Announcement:

Today’s “Sockeye Avoidance Demonstration fishery” confirms our position that a recreational bar fishery is truly selective with zero impact on sockeye stocks. Approximately 80 anglers participated in locations adjacent to Island 22 launch site with zero sockeye intercepted. Any suggestions that our fishery interferes with First Nations fisheries was also not evident as drift net & bar fisheries were conducted with respect & distance given.

The results of today’s demonstration fishery suggests that the recreational fishery should be immediately open particularly with the number of pinks in the system. Tributaries of the Fraser such as the Harrison must also be opened to recreational angling immediately due to the very significant number of pinks.

Thank you to those who participated. Please join our membership and stay tuned for more updates on our progress.


Rod: Thanks for your note. I had spoken with Jennifer Nener before getting it but made many of the same points. I stressed the need for the department to consider Saturday’s action as a demonstration aimed at reinforcing the need for DFO to respond positively to the SFAB’s many requests for regulation and other changes…
email to SFAB (Gerry Kristansen) (Sept.2, 2017) ?

Mr. Minister – Please see comments below from today’s “Sockeye Avoidance Demonstration Fishery”. The recreational community has been extremely patient & respectful of conservation concerns & understanding of First nations priorities. That patience is at an end…
email to Minister Leblanc + MP’s (Doherty, Strahl) (Sept.2, 2017) ?

The DFO notice earlier this week again stated that our fishery remained closed due to sockeye concerns and fear that any recreational opening would interfere with First Nations priorities. Be assured that both those concerns were addressed & dismissed today…
email to FOC (Reid, Nener, Mueller) (Sept.2, 2017) ?