To all concerned about the fishing future for our future generations,

It is time to take action. Our precious fisheries are being threatened greater than ever. Our heritage and sustainable fisheries are in jeopardy with serious questions about the fishing future for our children and grandchildren. The harsh realities indicates critically low escapement numbers of Salmon and Steelhead. Other species are also threatened and approaching endangered status. If we do not act now and change the management programs immediately, fishing opportunities and genetic unique species will be lost forever.

Conservation has to be the number one priority!  Protecting the environment and dealing with threats to our fish resources must be priorities in future planning.  It is time to reduce the useless rhetoric and counter productive negative attitudes that attempt to justify what is over fishing and abuse to the priceless resource.  Education and accountability is critical for selective, sustainable fisheries for all parties involved.

The complexities and challenges to avert further collapse of our fisheries demands that immediate actions and mandatory change  occurs before these stocks are extinct.  The Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance (FRSA) is dedicated to bringing change by uniting our communities with a co-operative effort that respects individuals, sectors, user groups and First Nations constitutional rights. These objectives can be realistic goals in today’s complex world by working together respectfully on solutions toward this common cause.

The government of Canada along with the provincial counter parts are ineffective in providing the required management to protect our salmon and Steelhead stocks.  It is time to acknowledge that all  concerned citizens must unite in demanding that our appointed fisheries managers accept their mandated responsibility to provide leadership in ensuring that stocks are protected  and the rights of all sectors are considered.

Our elected officials must be held accountable.  They must demand that fisheries staff develop plans representative of conservation as the #1 priority and that input is sought and considered from ALL sectors.

Get involved today!!  The FRSA will attempt to bring collective, positive  thinking and work with other sectors to ensure these priceless B.C. icons are protected. We will not support any initiatives with racial overtones and we will respect the opinions of all user groups.

Please support the FRSA to ensure there are future fishing opportunities for all our communities. Fred Helmer FRSA Co-chair Rod Clapton FRSA Co-Chari